Beata Heuman


SNEAK PEAK: Our Egyptian Revival at Decorex

September 2018

When we were asked to design the VIP lounge at Decorex we were thrilled! And a little daunted...

For the love of trellis

February 2018

During my recent visit to Paris and inspired by the biography I'm reading on Marie-Antoinette I decided to not only go to Maison Object but start the day experiencing Versailles where I have never been. That was for many reasons a mistake but when I was loosing all will to carry on, lost in a rainy garden with leaking foot wear and no directions to help me find the way out I stumbled upon the amazing trellis folly in the garden behind the Trianon. All worth it in the end!


August 2017

'' I like things that don't look like you're in control. It's like life itself. You just learn how to benefit from accidents and chances that you take.''

Nature Calls...

July 2017

Ideas can be drawn from many places, but the most inspiring of them all is nature. From fabrics to wall coverings, products and architecture, there is a vast array of amazing examples where nature has helped inform some of the most beautiful and extraordinary creations.


April 2017

The human face is to me the most interesting of subjects and perhaps when it comes to portraiture - the self-portrait more so than any other.


January 2017

What I really want to achieve when designing a space is to make the person forget about the outside world for a little while.


December 2016

I’m definitely a minimalist when it comes to Christmas decorations – I think I get it from my mother. A straw goat alone is quite enough.

Bath time...

November 2016

Bathroom design has in recent years become rather generic – and it seems generally accepted that ‘OK’ is good enough.

Busy Bees

October 2016

We have been working on lots of different projects this year; one of which is expanding our product range. The idea is to organically build a curated collection, all designed in house, with original pieces we really love. Quality over quantity!

Style During Design Week

September 2016

Beata was asked to do an ‘in conversation’ with Luke Edward Hall and Tim Butcher on style for the Design Centre during Focus.

A Visit to Santo Sospir

August 2016

There is nothing I love more than a ‘house museum’. It’s basically like snooping around someone’s house and with the added element of time having passed I find it irresistible.