Beata Heuman

For the love of trellis

During my recent visit to Paris and inspired by the biography I'm reading on Marie-Antoinette I decided to not only go to Maison Object but start the day experiencing Versailles where I have never been. That was for many reasons a mistake but when I was loosing all will to carry on, lost in a rainy garden with leaking foot wear and no directions to help me find the way out I stumbled upon the amazing trellis folly in the garden behind the Trianon. All worth it in the end!

by Beata Heuman | February 2018

For the love of trellis

The best bit during the Versailles visit was this beautiful folly in between the Trianon and Petite Trianon. Photo by Beata

Nicky Haslam's beautiful Dining room in London, photo by Simon Upton. 

My love for trellis began when I worked for Nicky Haslam. The image above depicts his London dining room, and the door leads to a bathroom and then through the the rest of the flat. It's mirrored on the other side, also at an angle and there is storage behind. These screens used to be in the window of our studio but we first had them made for stand at Decorex!

A detail from Thorvaldsen's museum in Denmark - The perfect oversized door. Like a stage set..