Beata Heuman


I’m definitely a minimalist when it comes to Christmas decorations – I think I get it from my mother. A straw goat alone is quite enough.

by Beata Heuman | December 2016


‘Blomsterfönstret’ by Swedish artist Carl Larsson (1853-1919) – not strictly Christmassy but Christmassy enough

Wintertime in the countryside…

I once said to a friend of mine who thought I should design baubles that ‘I don’t like cheap shit’. I proceeded to feel very bad as I looked out over her Christmas party which was copiously draped in thick layers of glitter garlands, crackers, ‘fake’ gifts and much much more. Her chutzpah is definitely more alluring than my tight-lipped remarks but the truth is that a more austere approach makes me feel happier. Ho ho ho – how lucky my family are to have me hosting Christmas this year!

South of Sweden

We’re staying in London as we have just moved into our new house but I’m looking back at Christmases past at my parent’s house in the south of Sweden for a bit of Yuletide on the side.

Trees outside

Tree inside (and Christmas goat)