Beata Heuman

Nature Calls...

Ideas can be drawn from many places, but the most inspiring of them all is nature. From fabrics to wall coverings, products and architecture, there is a vast array of amazing examples where nature has helped inform some of the most beautiful and extraordinary creations.

by Phoebe Hollond | July 2017

Nature Calls...

Nicky Haslam - A bedroom in New Orleans

My favourite nature inspired pieces is found in our field and very often in lighting. The famous 1930s French designer Jean-Michel Frank created what is known as the ‘Limpet Ceiling Light’, which has been re-produced numerous times over the years using different materials and it is in my opinion one of the most beautiful lights ever created.

 Within the studio we offer a small range of products for sale. One piece that has drawn inspiration from a combination of nature and the fantastical is the aptly named ‘The Dodo Egg’. Beata Heuman has always been inspired by what exists in the world and what does not; this unique mixture of nature with a whimsical flair is the backbone of our growing collection.

Last week, Mark Abbott from Abbott+Boyd came in to show us their new designs. One that caught my eye was from the Elitis collection, which is simply made of coconut shells and elegantly painted. It made me reminisce of long summer days in a far away country, listening to the sound of palm leaves swaying drunkenly in the wind. I couldn’t help but fall in love.