Beata Heuman


'' I like things that don't look like you're in control. It's like life itself. You just learn how to benefit from accidents and chances that you take.''

by Beata Heuman | August 2017


Eileen Agar, Erotic Landscape

From Peter Beard's scarp book

Extract from Peter Beard's diary. 

These are the words of Peter Beard who's art reflects this sentiment exactly. It's hard not to be drawn to this type of work; the messiness, the vibrancy, the madness of it all. To me it shows human nature as it is - not how we would like it to be. 

I'm also very fond of Baron de Cabrol 's pretty irresistible scrap books; frivolous, glamorous works from a long lost world.  

Baron de Cabrol, extract from Thierre Coudert's 'Beautiful People of the Cafe Society' 

The method of collage, combining different pre-existing images with each other can also have a very surreal effect, especially when done in a more restrained manner using fewer images. John Stezaker's work is quietly haunting but to my eye also humorous. 

John Stezaker 'The Approach'