Beata Heuman

SNEAK PEAK: Our Egyptian Revival at Decorex

When we were asked to design the VIP lounge at Decorex we were thrilled! And a little daunted...

by Beata Heuman | September 2018

SNEAK PEAK: Our Egyptian Revival at Decorex

The amazing silk wallpaper created by Fromental especially for our space.

Every year House & Garden selects a design studio to create the VIP lounge for Decorex and to me seeing it is always one of the highlights of the fair. For us it has given us a chance to finally pull together our growing product collection, adding a few pieces and invite everyone who has supported us over the years to celebrate what feels like a bit of a milestone...Oscilla bench by Beata Heuman

SNEAK PEAK Oscilla bench designed by us for the space...

Having always been inspired by the exotic, nostalgic and general chicness of Egyptian revival this seemed the perfect theme for our oasis. At the same time we wanted it to feel fresh and current and not too much of a pastiche and I hope we got the balance just right. We wanted to create a place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the fair, and transport people to a slightly different reality. To help people forget about the outside world and feel present in the moment they are in is an underlying ambition when we design interiors and we add unusual sometimes surreal elements or dreamlike colour combinations for this reason. When doing a design for an event you can afford to be even more theatrical which has been really fun!

Bespoke mirror by Reid and Wright

Detail of the ENORMOUS mirror created bespoke for the space by the wonderful Reid and Wright 

We have designed several new pieces for the space such as the Oscilla bench featured above but most of all it has been a wonderful opportunity to work with some of our favourite suppliers; Fromental has created the jaw-dropping Egyptian landscape featured on the main image above using their incredible silk wallpaper. We have a beautiful banquette by Lacaze and a pretty surreal but stylish sofa and armchair set which we designed in collaboration with David SeyfriedJulian Chichester and Soane has lent us several pieces from their collections - to name just a few... I can't reveal too much until the space opens this Sunday but stay put for more photos after the big reveal...

Small African side table from Sutherland furniture by John Dickinson

Small African table from Sutherland Furniture by John Dickinson