Beata Heuman

Luckdragon Stool

Inspired by classical antiquity, the Luckdragon Stool resembles the distinctive ‘curule’ stool, upon which magistrates in Ancient Rome were entitled to sit.

Centuries later, Regency designer Thomas Hope revived the popularity of the style following his Grand Tour of Europe and the Middle East.

Our take on the curule design, featuring distinctive lion figureheads, will add character to any room. Create a playful statement by upholstering it with a bold pattern (pictured here in Molly Mahon’s ‘Luna’ print) or create a more elegant effect in a plain off-white linen or horsehair.

The Luckdragon is hand-carved in solid wood in England, finished with a subtle antiquing effect.

Fabric not included. The quantity required is 1 meters and it can be upholstered in the customer’s own choice of fabric.

Width: 820mm

Height: 560mm

Depth: 450mm

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