Our new light designed to fit almost any space. The Crinkle celebrates the Edison bulb and works perfectly as an alternative to unsightly spotlights.

Our latest fabric: Nettle

Coming soon: 188

Beata Heuman Ltd
188 Hammersmith Road
London W6 7DJ

We've been busy renovating our new brand home at 188 Hammersmith Road. A by-appointment Showroom for our Shoppa collection will open in Autumn. Watch this space!

Step Inside Beata's Swedish Home

World of Interiors

When an 18th-century cottage became available on her parents’ farm in southern Sweden, the London-based Beata Heuman jumped at the chance to recover this ‘missing piece’ of her identity. Her childhood was forged in this idyllic rural setting, and it’s proven a wellspring of the imagination ever since.