Beata Heuman
Beata Heuman


Beata Heuman’s studio is known for its playful and original work that reflects the unique personalities of its clients. Awarded House and Garden’s inaugural Interior Designer of the Year award 2018, the team strive to create beautiful interiors – whatever the scale and budget – characterised by a Scandinavian attention to detail and longevity.

The studio has completed several international residential projects; working in the US as well as Europe, and have designed a number of commercial spaces such as Farm Girl Cafe’s London restaurants.

In addition to interior design work, Beata Heuman has developed an expanding collection of fabrics, wallpapers, lighting and furniture, exclusively available to purchase through the studio.

Heuman worked for Nicky Haslam for nine years before setting up her eponymous studio in 2013.

Beata Heuman is a BIID Registered Interior Designer®.

Our Philosophy

Every room should sing!


In the course of a lifetime, one gathers a multitude of perspectives, experiences and objects. Our homes should reflect this unique journey – a personal landscape that continues to evolve alongside its inhabitants. At Beata Heuman, we look to the past as well as the present for ideas, creating layered and balanced designs that improve with living.

We consider every space and client as individual, and avoid a standardised approach. Each project begins without pre-conceptions, and convention is considered, but made vivid with creative solutions and bespoke design.