Beata Heuman

Wave Longue

Retail and trade prices available upon request

A truly unique signature piece from our furniture collection, the idea for the Wave Longue was born out of our quest for curves. Modern furniture design tends to be mostly square or rectangular, and we believe a truly dynamic room needs movement to really sing. The daybed is small enough to sit in the middle of a room, where it will add sculptural interest from many angles, and feel light because of the low back and open base. Yet it is also comfortable enough to cosy up and read a book or share with a couple of friends. 

Here, it's covered in Josef Frank's 'Mirakel'. Mirakel means miracle in Swedish, and Frank named it so as he thought it was a miracle that he managed to make this twisting repeat work. He was influenced by William Morris who lived just down the road from Beata's house (which the daybed was originally designed for). 



Upholstered chaise longue with hand-carved painted wooden bobbin legs.


Width: 180cm, Height: 90cm, Depth: 80cm.  Seat height: 44cm. Leg height: 30cm. 

Place of Manufacture

Made in the UK.

Delivery Lead Time

8 week lead time.

Additional Information

Made to order: bespoke size and finish available and can be upholstered in COM. Fabric quantity required is 9 meters.