“Shoppa” is slang in Swedish for “go shopping”.

You do not “shoppa” for a pint of milk at the corner shop. If you “shoppa” it is an outing; an opportunity to browse and find something inspiring.

In our interior design projects we have always made a lot of bespoke things. And if we like something enough we add it to our Shoppa collection. The first item we started selling was our Marbleized Velvet, which was originally made for a sofa in our first project. Our Shoppa has slowly grown ever since.

If it’s a really good shop, I love to shoppa. There is little I enjoy more than the thrill of stepping into a world created by a shopkeeper, particularly for the first time, finding an assortment of beautiful objects and dreaming of the possibilities they promise.

Our ambition is to curate an environment filled with products we are proud of that others will find inspiring. One day we hope to create a bricks and mortar home for the Shoppa, perhaps with the subtle scent of apple blossom in the air, a modish soundtrack in the background and (of course!) outstanding service, but until then we hope you enjoy the virtual visit!