The studio works on a small number of interiors projects at a time so that Beata can be closely involved in their creative direction. Our team of interior designers is led by Fosca Mariani (Head of Interior Design).

We regularly work abroad in the US and Europe. Typically, our projects involve designing the entire home or premises.

If you would like to enquire about our interior design service, please email us on providing a copy of the floor plan, photographs of the property and details of your budget where available.



Interiors should reflect their inhabitants and the objects and ideas that inspire them. Throughout the design process we engage with our client to understand their objectives and develop a space that is personal, intuitive and considered.

We carefully consider the setting, history and character of the building, and enjoy working on a diverse portfolio of projects with each respecting the places at their core.

Every room should sing! We believe subtle variation and finding the right balance of harmonious contrast lies at the heart of creating a beautiful interior.

Our designs are firmly rooted in practicality with a Scandinavian attention to detail, flow and function.