The studio works on a maximum of six to eight interiors projects at a time so that Beata can be closely involved, together with our team, in their creative direction. We typically do projects where we are designing the entire home or premises. Our ambition is to work on an exciting and diverse portfolio of projects, exploring a variety of styles that speak to the people and places at their core. We regularly work abroad in the US and Europe.

Our ambition is to make a home a reflection of its inhabitants: the places they have travelled to and the objects and ideas that inspire them. Throughout the design process, our approach remains personal, intuitive and considered.

Typically, we start a project by drawing up a layout which will form the basis of all the designs. We build schemes based on these layouts, which we communicate using moodboards, sample trays, elevations and sketches. We continue to work into the details of each package, such as fitted joinery drawings, bathroom specifications and electrical layouts. We prepare necessary schedules, build budgets and mange the design process from conception to installation.

If you would like to enquire about our interior design service, please email us on providing a copy of the floor plan, photographs of the property and details of your budget where available.