The Jumbow Handle

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The Jumbow Handle is the same design as our Bow Handle, but almost twice the size. Perfect for making a statement on a wardrobe or when you need a bigger pull such as on an integrated dishwasher or on large drawers. It also makes for an excellent fridge handle. The Jumbow Handle is forged in solid brass and hammered into shape by hand by our Bronzista in Florence, one of very few workshops in Italy still producing in this way. Each piece is lightly patinated and left unsealed meaning that the brass will continue to age or get more polished with use. As they are handmade each handle will have minor idiosyncrasies which in our opinion add to their beauty.

For the smaller version of this handle, see The Bow Handle.

Solid aged brass.

Length 22cm - Height 2.5cm - Projection 4.8cm

Fixing centres: we recommend that the screw holes are marked to each specific handle as each piece in made by hand and there may be slight variation.  

In stock. 

Matching brass screws are included.