Moveable Feast Ottoman

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The ottoman is a staple of English interiors and the most welcoming thing you can have in a drawing room: often stacked with books, cups of tea and a place for people to rest their feet and perch with a drink. No wipeable surfaces – only comfort. 

Our version, “The Moveable Feast Ottoman” is also an artwork in its own right. The scene atop was originally commissioned as a painting by artist Andie Dinkin for the piece. The birds eye perspective, carefully crafted so that it can be viewed from any angle as you move around the ottoman, offers a glimpse into her mysterious world. Dinkin’s artwork was meticulously translated and woven into a tapestry by skilled artisans in Ukraine working with Vandra Rugs. All the yarns are 100% wool, whose naturally dirt repellent qualities ensure the piece can be enjoyed without worry. 

The ottoman itself has been handmade with our upholsterers in England using traditional methods with horsehair, jute webbing and cotton felt. Working with these hardwearing, natural materials means the piece has a life span which can last for generations. Each corner of our ottoman is finished using a simple sisal twine stitch.

Wool tapestry upholstered onto a solid beech wood frame with jute webbing. 

Height: 430mm, Width: 1115mm, Depth: 1015mm.

Made to order. Approx 16-20 weeks.

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As the tapestry is woven based on an original artwork, custom sizes are possible but the width and depth can only be scaled proportionately.