Monster Pinch

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The idea for our Monster Pinch was born off the coast of Deia, Mallorca. Beata imagined an everyday, practical item that every cook should have, brought to life with salty personality from the depths of the sea.  Each monster is poured, glazed and fired in the potteries of Stoke on Trent - a town long held as the birthplace of modern ceramics. Designed to be used, loved and cherished for years to come, the Monster Pinch is the perfect kitchen companion for salt and human alike.  Each monster arrives in a signature BH box, fastened with hand-drawn stickers to keep him safe and secure.

Glazed earthenware.  

Height 14cm  - Width 12.5cm - Depth 12.5cm

In stock.

Available to buy directly from our showroom at 188. Please email for stock levels and further information. 

Made in England. Please note due to the hand made nature of this product, minor variances will occur between each.